移动到后院,在后院的硬景观重大变化。自然平场石头的,因为放松的感觉中。在后院的宽松挡土墙已经到位时,庭园赶到,他们希望保留该放松一下。所述功能区域的形状是由斜率来定义。现场结石石粉奠定了,没有具体的参与,顶部豌豆石。豌豆的石头是不粉碎,拥有该地区的所有自然色彩自然银行经营的混合物。在后院的所有植物从蒙罗维亚,工厂中规模最大的供应商在该国当地的苗圃之一,他们长大一些非常专门的工厂。鲁思·福斯特是在本赛季早些时候后院与周围hardscaping和美化,以协调的花的颜色。雪松围栏将天气到银灰,这会为季节性颜色和花提供柔软的背景。在后花园的另一边沿着篱笆沿着围栏线和周围栅栏柱控制杂草的周边安装杂草印章。 Bob talks with Jack Schreiner of Bruckman Rubber about the product. It was originally developed on the recommendation of the Department of Environmental Quality of Nebraska who suggested developing products made from scrap tires. Weed Seal uses about 50 percent scrap tire and 50 percent virgin rubber material with fiber reinforcement. The product is heavy, which keeps it from blowing up or away. The seal prevents weeds from growing along the fence, which eliminates the need to use herbicides or pesticides to control weed growth along the fence. Post protectors are designed to fit around the fence posts. The material is rugged and able to withstand weather and nicks from lawnmowers and trimmers. Bob talks with Greg Goehner of New Grass. Because of the amount of shade in the backyard and the two young boys in the house, the homeowners could never grow a healthy lawn. The synthetic grass being installed features two different types of blades. There is a soft monofilament and a twisted fiber that adds a little cushioning to the grass. It's soft, durable, and doesn't require any mowing. The fibers are made of polyethylene and backing is made of polyurethane. NewGrass also has a protective U.V. coating to prevent fading or decomposition. Water filters through the turf at a rate of 30 gallons per hour. The NewGrass is laid out and cut to shape with one seam that is barely visible once the fibers have been brushed and lifted. The perimeter is staked to the ground and the fibers are broomed up. NewGrass lasts 10 years or more and comes with a warranty. It costs about $4.99 per square foot.